HONMake your space work.

We’re HON.

Our office furniture is your trusty workplace sidekick. Whether the pressure is on, or the rest of the office is gone, we’re right there with you. To help you work smarter, more comfortably and on your terms. 

Since 1944 we’ve helped doers like you achieve more everyday victories. The bold idea successfully sold to the tough manager happens in our chairs. The click of our file cabinet drawer signals another project well done. Cleaning off the top of our table, just to get it dirty again.

We believe the right office furniture makes you more productive and successful. And when you can do all that, you work happy.

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Our HON cooperative contract provides furniture and installation solutions to nonprofit organizations. When organizations choose HON cooperative contracts through OMNIA Partners, they will receive savings and value that goes beyond costs.

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Made For The Way You Work

Made To Last

We take pride in crafting office furniture with quality and style that stands the test of time. That's how we build relationships with those we serve. Work well.

To HON, even one-eighth of an inch of space can make a huge difference in how you work. That’s why we go to extremes to build office furniture that helps you work better. Industry standards require us to do extensive testing before furniture leave our facility. And we don’t think it’s enough. In many cases we go 15 steps beyond expectations. 

Do Things Right

Our members are steadfast in our commitment to do what's right for our customers and furniture dealers. Work your way.

HON doesn’t shy away from feedback.  Actively seeking out customer opinions helps ensure we build products that address needs, not trends. Doing all that shouldn’t cost you a mint.

And with more delivery trucks on the road, you’ll get your new furniture sooner rather than later.

Collaborative Expertise

By committing to the success of our local furniture dealers, we are able to fulfill your vision. Together, we deliver the best workplace solution.

Lean Leads to Green

HON manufacturing systems maximize the use of raw materials and ensure efficient use of natural resources to reduce not only our environmental footprint, but yours as well.  We are relentless in removing waste in the production process and in everything we do. 

We choose materials carefully to ensure minimum indoor air emissions and maximize your ability to return materials to the resource stream once they have served their intended purpose.

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