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Kimball Midwest has been in business since 1923, serving our customers through both superior products and service. We are a major force in the industrial maintenance aftermarket with unlimited growth potential. We service our customers from our corporate office and distribution center in Columbus, OH and from our distribution centers strategically located in Dallas, Texas; Reno, Nevada; and Savannah, Georgia.

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Kimball Midwest stocks an extensive offering of more than 55,000 inventoried products. One of the advantages of the breadth and depth of the Kimball Midwest product line is it allows us to be a single source supplier to our customer. Participants of OMNIA Partners can utilize the contract available for all maintenance, repair and operations supplies and services.

About Kimball Midwest

Value-Added Service

We are able to provide unique value to our customers because we do things differently. We believe in a culture of continuous improvement and ensure our employees have the ability to make a positive impact on our customers.

Personal Relationships

We understand the significance of developing personal relationships with people at all levels of an organization. We strive to become a partner in performance with each customer.


We don’t just show a picture in a catalog. We demonstrate our problem-solving products so each customer can see how that product will save them time and money.

Superior Service

Our representatives strive to be an unpaid employee to our customers. We label, organize, put product away, and clean the storage equipment and area. Our entire team is dedicated to exceptional customer service experiences that are reflected in personalized attention and industry-leading shipping and fill rates.

Green Quest

Green Quest

Our Green Quest products are formulations that Kimball Midwest certifies to be environmentally friendly and are considered to be a lower health risk to the user. All Green Quest formulations adhere to the following standards and guidelines

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-caustic
  • Non-acidic
  • Non-corrosive 
  • No butyl
  • No Proposition 65 chemicals
  • No carcinogens
  • No Sara 313 chemicals
  • No chlorinated solvents, CFC's, or HCFC's

American Made

We believe in supporting American businesses and American workers, who are the backbone of our strength as a nation. "Buy American, Buy Kimball Midwest" is a practiced policy in the development of our product line and more than 80% of our inventory dollars are spent on products made in the U.S.A.

This policy allows traceability to the source of manufacture, helping eliminate the possibility of substandard, misrepresented, mismarked, or counterfeit products being put into the supply chain. Our graded fractional and metric fasteners meet or exceed SAE, ASTM and ANSI specifications.


Health and Safety issues are a growing concern in the modern workplace. As products improve, the need for an expanded working knowledge of them increases. 

Kimball Midwest understands that safety engineered products can save money, and most importantly, lives. As a result, Kimball Midwest Product Safety Seminars have been developed to increase safety and reduce downtime. If your organization conducts any type of maintenance or repair operations, then these seminars are critical, not only to the safety of your customers and personnel, but to the reliability of your agency's work. 

These seminars convey vital information in an engaging multi-media format. Videos, live demonstrations and printed materials dramatize solutions to your safety concerns. They are directed to anyone concerned with on-the-job safety and quality assurance. 

Many employers in the United States are required to have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the workplace for each chemical or hazardous material they use. SDS give detailed information regarding hazardous chemicals or compounds contained in the product, and precautions to avoid hazards. For customer convenience, Kimball Midwest makes SDS available on our website 24/7.

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