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Lightspeed Technologies creates instructional solutions for better listening and sharing. Students receive intelligible audio and have equal access to learning. Teachers get critical insights into individual progress for real-time assessments. OMNIA Partners is proud to offer assistive technology products and services on a cooperative contract to schools nationwide.

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Assistive technology is available on a competitively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners and Lightspeed Technologies.

About Lightspeed Technologies

Available through OMNIA Partners, Lightspeed instructional audio systems create access to improved listening and learning between teachers and students.

When students hear every word, valuable teaching time is more productive and effective for all.

15% Increase on Stanford Achievement Test

30% Reduction in ELL word recognition

92% Fewer teacher redirections

25% Decrease in teacher absenteeism

Contact Information

Melissa DeRamus
Classroom Audio Consultant 


Chrystal Hutchison
Customer Service Representative