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As a trusted advisor and reliable partner, and as a systems integrator; service provider; and product vendor, Siemens offers energy-efficient; safe; and secure buildings and infrastructure. Our portfolio covers the whole spectrum of applications for designing, building, operating, and maintaining smart infrastructure.

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Siemens offers Building Automation, Fire Life Safety, Security, Energy Management, Electrical, and Mechanical solutions and services to participating public agencies of OMNIA Partners. Our expertise allows us to customize the right technology and service packages to help improve your business. Siemens helps reduce operating costs, meet sustainability & regulatory requirements, optimize facility performance, enhance occupant experience, and drive revenue and growth. 

Building Automation Solutions

Siemens offers fully integrated building automation to connect HVAC, lighting, shades, safety, security, fire systems, and more for any building type. Our solutions put you in command of all systems and equipment – remotely or onsite – to achieve energy efficiency, productivity, and well-being. This is how we create sustainable, innovative value and accelerate smart building transformation. 

Digitalization is driving buildings to become more and more connected with an increasing need to have all building data easily in sight. Ensure comfortable, safe, secure and efficient facilities with building management software solutions to meet any need.

Fire & Life Safety Solutions

Fire protection systems from Siemens help keep buildings safer over their entire lifecycle, from construction through expansion, for a better tomorrow. Our fire protection system experts focus on life safety, fire code compliance, risk avoidance, and cost reduction to: 

  • Leverage our comprehensive portfolio of life safety and fire technologies, available through OMNIA Partners, to help protect lives, assets, and your business 
  • Work toward fire code compliance with total fire and life safety solutions 
  • Enable appropriate emergency response with the right combination of life safety and fire services, solutions, and technologies 
  • Unique technologies, strategies, and expertise to ensure the right solution for your building 

With fire and life safety solutions customized for your business needs and budget, you can turn to Siemens for our complete portfolio of innovative, intelligent technologies for the lifecycle of every building. Through our cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, we can provide you with a complete system change or a phased migration of your system depending on your needs. Our Siemens installation professionals are NICET certified and come with extensive training both from Siemens and leading industry education providers.  

Security Solutions

Unified Security Solution - Maximize building security by managing your access control and video surveillance from one screen. 

Integrated Access Control - When you need to provide a high level of security without compromising convenience for your employees, SiPass integrated can provide the powerful, flexible access control solution you need. The advanced functionality of SiPass integrated can help organizations overcome real-life challenges - whether you manage a single, low-rise building or an expansive enterprise with thousands of doors, gates, and elevators.

Video Management Solution - Siveillance Video is a comprehensive video management system that lets you respond quickly to incidents while managing multiple sites from a single, centralized location. 

Video Cloud Management - Siveillance Video Cloud makes leading-edge surveillance and analytics more accessible to all types of organizations. A user-friendly and secure cloud-based solution that is flexible to meet your streaming needs. 

Energy Management

Comprehensive energy management can accelerate the pace of investment in a clean energy future. Available on the cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners, Siemens can provide energy management and sustainability solutions for public agencies. 

Siemens announced that it aimed to be the world's first major industrial company to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030. One way we aim to achieve this is by changing how we consume and buy energy, but also through increased use of on-site energy production – all supported by continuous data analyses. We call this Total Energy Management, and this is the same approach we follow to help clients around the world reduce their energy and operating costs plus their carbon footprint.

Every building and every organization starts at a different point on its sustainability journey. This creates unique sets of efficiency challenges – and often hidden opportunities. We leverage data to uncover those opportunities. We build on the experience gained from thousands of successful projects to design and implement efficiency and sustainability improvement programs that complement our clients’ own in-house capabilities, adapt to their financial circumstances, and support their business ambitions. 

From energy reduction to energy production and procurement, Siemens assists organizations of all types in customizing an energy management program that addresses their needs from both sides of the meter. Our approach ensures a comprehensive plan to meet strategic and technical goals today while protecting and optimizing investments well into the future via continuous data analyses and support. 

Digital Services

With a comprehensive portfolio of digital services—including cloud-based technology, highly-trained building engineers and service technicians, and proven processes, Siemens helps your building reach new levels of performance. 

Optimize your HVAC operations with a holistic service strategy. 
Our data-driven approach to service unifies your BMS, network, and equipment to deliver better performance and greater value. It integrates the services for your HVAC equipment, building management system, and the interconnecting network. HVAC maintenance is transformed from a series of complicated and expensive problems to part of an overall strategy that contributes to the immediate and long-term success of your business and its organizational goals. Siemens’ holistic service program combines our breadth of expertise — from service managers to remote specialists to on-site engineers — with an unmatched digital service infrastructure. The result is an integrated, data-driven approach that optimizes building performance across the board. 

Additional Solutions & Services

Monitoring Services: Remotely monitor fire, security, and Siemens building automation systems, and remotely manage and host select access control and video systems. Services include system performance monitoring with or without event management, alarm management services for fire and security, and video monitoring & management.

Electrical Services: Keeping your facility and its operations performing at their best requires your electrical systems infrastructure  to deliver reliability and efficiently. 

Mechanical Services: Improve facility performance, efficiency, and comfort with expertly maintained HVAC systems. Smart Mechanical Services combines mechanical service with digital services and energy efficiency to help our customers increase their facility staff productivity while improving HVAC system efficiency.

Smart Air Quality Program: A holistic approach to mitigate contaminant risk 

CloudOps Mechanical: Supplement traditional, planned maintenance with analytics and rules-based information to address problems in your facilities as they occur. These cloud-based services are designed to make buildings smarter and to identify and solve potential problems before they affect the entire organization.

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