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Stepp Manufacturing Company, Inc. designs and builds a full line of asphalt maintenance equipment including pothole patchers, asphalt recycling equipment, crack sealers, and oil distributor kettles for tack and sealcoating. All of our equipment can be used to heat, melt, transport, and store all kinds of asphalt materials for highway repairs. When you are investing in a piece of asphalt equipment, experience, history, and the reputation of the company you purchase from are as important as the product itself. We employ certified welders, trained technicians, and engineers to assure the quality and dependability you would expect from your highway maintenance equipment. Our network of dealers and after-sales service support assure parts and services are available when and where you need it.

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Public agencies, including local & state government municipalities and educational institutions, can leverage a cooperative contract with Stepp Manufacturing, available through OMNIA Partners, for all their highway and road maintenance needs and services. 

About Stepp Manufacturing

Available through OMNIA Partners, Stepp Manufacturing offers highway maintenance.  

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Joan Sachs
Gov't Sales Coordinator


Jason Stepp
VP Sales

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