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World Wide Technology (WWT) is a global firm that designs, builds, demonstrates, and deploys innovative technology products, integrated architectural solutions, and transformational digital experiences worldwide. As a technology solution provider, we have the organizational and operational size and experience to handle the high velocity supply chain oriented needs of our public sector customers through OMNIA Partners national cooperative contract.

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Through World Wide Technology's cooperative contract, agencies nationwide are able to simplify their procurement process while realizing deeper savings by leveraging the volume of OMNIA Partners.

World Wide Technology and OMNIA Partners

WWT Cyber Security Solutions

WWT gives you the resources you need to keep up with the latest security developments, and the expertise to drive your business’ success, including insights around cloud security, cyber resilience, endpoint security, identity and access management (IAM), network security, secure access service edge (SASE), security operations, security strategy and zero trust. 

ATC Innovation Ecosystem

A B2B Platform built on a collection of physical labs, virtualized to create a collaborative innovation ecosystem to design, build, educate and deploy innovative technology products, integrated architectural solutions and digital business outcomes for our customers, partners, employees and communities around the globe. 

Additional Services

WWT has aligned our services offerings with our core technology disciplines. Using our proprietary tools and methodology, we deliver high quality technology solutions with seasoned professionals who have years of field experience and hold the top certifications from major OEMs. Our professionals will consult with OMNIA Partners, perform assessment, and design work, develop, and deploy complex solutions, and work with OMNIA Partners to fully adopt the technology and maximize outcomes.

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    Carol Harting
    Business Development Manager -SLED