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Reshaping the Way Organizations Approach Work With Managed IT Services and More

Konica Minolta Business Solutions has been reshaping the way organizations approach work with its expansive product portfolio of Management Print Services, Content Management Solutions, IT Services and Marketing Services.  As a technology company with both industrial and commercial print solutions, we are consultants to our customers with solutions that enable them to work smarter and have more information at their disposal to become better decision makers.  It all starts with understanding how you can revolutionize your workplace. For OMNIA Partners, we are focused on four areas where we can make a difference in your organization’s efficiency.

Return to Work

The events of 2020 have changed the way we perceive the workplace, and identified a need for flexible solutions that allow us to Return to Work quickly while keeping everyone safe. Konica Minolta has answered this call by combining proven technology with automation to allow organizations to streamline their virtual health checks, workplace monitoring, incident management and contact tracing while integrating with the security offered by access control. This Return to Work solution is built on a single platform, allowing organizations to get back to what is most important, serving customers. We need to Return to Work...


Groundbreaking ideas for the workplace of the future demand equally innovative technology. Our technology solutions win accolades from our clients who depend on their reliability, quality and ultra-high speeds. We're not following the herd; we're shaping new standards in technology solutions that work for you. In an ever-changing workplace environment, your business processes must be keyed in and focused on improving productivity.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managing your print means managing your resources and your money. You want to make every print a smart decision. That’s why learning the actual cost of document printing is critical to your optimal work environment. Through our process of Consult | Implement | Manage | Report – we can help you to be more efficient. See more on the MPS tab.

Content Management Solutions

As your organization grows, so does all the data that you need to manage. Depending on your organization – from enterprise-sized to the small business, you could face sluggish operations due to manual, paper-based processes or encounter employee frustration with difficult document tracking/access/security or more challenging issues with frequent audits, struggles with compliance or tight office space due to volumes of storage space you need for physical records. Every organization is different, but there are some common threats: Overwhelmed with paper, Fear of being out of compliance, Threat of losing business continuity with nature disasters or internal security breaches, Lack of easy access to documents and frequent losses of misplace data. Our consultants can help you assess your current state and listen to where you want to be in the future. See more on the ECM tab.

Managed IT Services

Every day, we hear about successful hackers breaching an organization’s security and stealing information. And, we understand that it could happen to us. Cybersecurity prevention is in the forefront today as companies think about network security. IT departments are often stretched to the limit to accommodate everyday business needs: help desk calls, projects, utilizing the cloud, data back-up and much more. If your organization is small – we can provide the services that you need to enable your organization to have an IT department. If your organization is big – then we can augment your team and help to take those projects from the back burner and bring them forward for completion. See more on the MIT tab.

Marketing Services

DRIVE | DO | DELIVER – when you need a partner to get your message out, our Konica Minolta Marketing Services (KMMS) has the breadth of services to be your all-in partner. From creative to procurement and delivery, our agency will create and activate your strategy with technology and digital know-how. See more on the KMMS tab.

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