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We’d like to invite you to join thousands of other environmentally-conscious offices who have taken the sustainability step to further save the planet by diverting more refuse from our landfills. While you may already personally reuse your grocery bags and water bottles, and have taken the steps to replace all lights with LED’s, enhance your eco-friendly office space with re-manufactured toner-cartridges.

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Smart Sustainability

Some offices are already printing less – using less paper and saving more trees. So, why not green-up your workspace with our toner cartridges. You may not have consciously considered your toner program before – it is a supply and simply a need – but we know through the recycle and reuse process you not only save the planet from one more piece of trash, but also can you save money.

Discounts For Members

As members of OMNIA PARTNERS, you have direct access to our member portal ShopKonicaMinolta.us/OMNIA for your toner purchases. Look for your preferred brand and click through the site and input selection, quantity and credit card, and we will email you a confirmation.

A Simple Way to Save.


  • No minimum order
  • Shipping included - expedited options available
  • Member Earned Incentives available 
  • Custom quotes for a complete Managed Service & Toner Program - plans to fit every volume, device and budget.

What's It All About?

It's all about diverting as much as we can from landfills and reusing what we can.

Each year, millions of OEM cartridges are thrown away. Re-manufacturing saves us from that statistic. See below more about the process if you are curious as to how it all works. 

Click images below to download the laser toner process or the ink toner process.

Go Green

Save the planet. Save some money.

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