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Smart businesses need smart security solutions to protect their assets, staff and operations, and to guard against potential threats and liabilities. With intelligent internet-protocol (IP) design, Konica Minolta customizes our MOBOTIX video security solutions to proactively address your monitoring and security needs – indoor, outdoor, in low-light, in challenging weather conditions, or with thermal imaging – to ensure you have visibility to all activity around your buildings and their perimeters. Our smart solutions and intelligent video streaming capabilities allow for maximum coverage and maximum security.

The Video Security Solutions team at Konica Minolta offers an expansive portfolio of MOBOTIX IoT devices and security software solutions; knowledgeable sales consultants and world-class support to help improve the physical security both inside your facility and around its perimeter. As many organizations recognize that they need to improve security from intruders, graffiti and other invasive elements -- Konica Minolta can guide you to the best solution for monitoring temperature-sensitive machinery to people counting at an entrance to visibility into hallways or low-lit parking lots. We have configured solutions for elevated body temperature needs and for providing your security team actionable alerts.

MOBOTIX Line up of Video Security Solutions Products


Konica Minolta understands that you are building, upgrading or augmenting your security system and your security teams to ensure you have a comprehensive program. This allows you to keep your main focus on your business and to be assured that you have the right systems and support in place to take care of the rest. Our solutions portfolio provides the valuable assistance that you need. We understand and we’re here to help you to build it right.

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