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    Multifunction Devices & Managed Print Services

    When agencies utilize cooperative contracts with OMNIA Partners, they gain the collective buying power that is revolutionizing purchasing in the public sector. Ricoh and OMNIA Partners together deliver public agencies cost-efficient solutions that empower digital workplaces. From multifunction devices and managed print services to innovative cloud and IT services and analytics, the Ricoh cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners brings innovative yet realistic solutions to government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

    Why Ricoh?

    More than just printers and copiers, Ricoh is committed to transforming the way you work. With our expertise in capturing, managing and transforming information, we deliver a broad portfolio of services and technologies that empower digital workplaces. By providing you with the ability to collaborate anytime, anywhere with real-time exchanges of ideas, we can help you innovate, grow and work smarter.

    Ricoh is committed to assisting governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations in transforming the way you work. Through our relationship with OMNIA Partners, Ricoh is uniquely positioned to help your organization take full advantage of the latest workplace technology. OMNIA Partners participants have a competitively-solicited cooperative contract that allows them to take advantage of the full power of Ricoh’s technology and services portfolio. Ricoh helps organizations address their information security and compliance, sustainability, process improvement and cost optimization efforts.

    About Ricoh USA, Inc.

    Since our beginning in 1962 as the regional headquarters of Ricoh Company, Ltd., Ricoh USA, Inc. has been on the forefront of workplace innovation. Back then, that meant creating the first office fax machine, enabling people to work smarter, better and faster than ever before. Today, it means reimagining workplaces to help you collaborate and exchange ideas — wherever and whenever you are — so you can drive the results you want. As for tomorrow, that vision is already taking shape in our minds and labs. And as digital workplaces continue to change the way we work, our imagination will continue to help you work smarter.

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    OMNIA Partners delivers savings across the board that goes beyond cost. Leverage the power of OMNIA Partners and utilize the transforming solutions from Ricoh. Reach out to our team today!