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    Ransomware Protection

    Limit your vulnerability and risk to ransomware

    Stop active ransomware attacks

    Criminals continue to innovate and beat traditional methods of detection. And all they need to do is get through one endpoint. So, unless you have 100% protection, 100% of the time, you're at risk. RansomCare reduces this risk by providing your business a last line of defense against outbreaks that can cause significant downtime and financial loss.

    See a demo of a ransomware attack and containment

    Learn how protecting against a ransomware attack is like fire-proofing your office


    • Immediate response and endpoint isolation when ransomware activity is detected.
    • Low IT overhead with agentless solution enabling fast and easy remote deployment.
    • Detailed reporting simplifies data restoration and compliance reporting.

    Evolve your business security

    Some strains of ransomware can disable your antivirus, neutralizing your first line of defense. A multi-layered approach helps to counter these cyber threats, giving you greater peace of mind.

    • Detects both known and unknown variants.
    • Monitors all file shares where ransomware does its worst damage.
    • Complements your endpoint and perimeter defenses.

    Reduce your risk of loss with automated containment

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning use heuristic analysis and file metadata to identify the tell-tale sign of ransomware — illegitimate file encryption. Upon discovery, the system generates an alert and shuts down the endpoint to limit the outbreak. Reporting of infected files reduces downtime and time to recovery.

    • Detects unauthorized changes in file activity.
    • Responds by immediately isolating the source.
    • Detailed reporting speeds recovery.

    Enjoy a simple, straightforward deployment

    As an agentless, cloud solution, you can deploy in days with minimal demand on IT resources. No agent also means you don't have to worry about network or device performance issues. Monitoring configures automatically, leaving you only to define alert settings.

    • No file server, storage platform, cloud, or endpoint installation.
    • No write access to storage platforms.
    • No network overhead.

    Alerting, reporting and integrations

    Multi–alerting services ensure you and your team become immediately aware of an issue as the system is responding to it. Reporting provides a two–fold benefit: revealing which files need remediation and a log of attack details, delivering valuable insight to your team. A RESTful API provides two–way integration with leading security applications and productivity tools.

    • Seamless integration with SharePoint™, Office 365™, and many cloud services.
    • OS–agnostic for monitoring devices and network environments.
    • Integration with Cisco ISE, Windows Defender ATP, and other security solutions.

    Take your threat protection to a new level

    RansomCare delivers peace of mind and financial benefits for a problem that leading experts declare is not a matter of “if,” but when. This complementary approach gives you multi–layered security and protects you against active ransomware attacks.

    And considering the cost of an attack in terms of lost data and time, much less potential “ransom” to regain access to your data, it is more than an insurance policy. It's an active member of your team, committed to protecting your business from one of the most devastating cybersecurity facing businesses of all sizes today.