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Citadel’s mission is to enhance holistic well-being through a three-pronged approach that incorporates environmental, physical and mental safety. Health is about more than a flu shot or a seminar – it’s about caring for the whole person – from the air they breathe to the mental support they may not ask for.

Our approach to environmental well-being includes ionization solutions, light disinfection technology and environmentally friendly surface protection to help fight bacteria, viruses and airborne pathogens. We aim to protect against physical threats through a host of measures, including extending the security perimeter, employing weapon sensors, installing bulletproof glass and remotely scanning alerts. Our national experts offer training on how to recognize and respond to mental health needs while promoting engagement.

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Citadel employs ionization solutions, light disinfection technology, and environmentally friendly surface protection to combat pathogens. In schools, we enhance security with measures like expanded perimeters, weapon sensors, and bulletproof glass to safeguard the well-being and learning environment of our youngest generation. Citadel's layered approach, supported by a national network of partners, aims to foster continuity of learning, teacher satisfaction, and healthier communities through improved environmental well-being and safety.

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Occupational Safety & Health Compliance

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Initial Term: November 1, 2023 through October 31, 2026
Renewal Options: Option to renew for two (2) additional one-year periods through October 31, 2028

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