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EPIC Business Essentials is here to offer you today's purchasing solution for all your supply needs including office products, janitorial, breakroom, furniture, promotional, technology, MRO and safety products. EPIC Business Essentials allows your organization to get what you need, save money, and support your local community - all at the same time! EPIC Business Essentials includes over 60 fully stocked warehouses across the nation and over 700 local independent dealers, including many dealers with diversity designations.

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EPIC offers over 30,000 office essentials and thousands of educational supply products, easily accesible through a cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners.

EPIC Contract Highlights

Highlights of the contract you can take advantage of:

  • Over 30,000 office essentials and thousands of educational supply products on one site!
  • Items priced so what you see online is what you pay - no surprises and easy to audit
  • No minimum orders - buy as much or as little as you like
  • Free next day delivery on all your office essentials
  • Hotlist up to 250 of your most commonly ordered items to stretch your budgets further
  • Annual volume rebates starting at $25,000
  • Local independent dealers that are right in your community to service your agency with white glove service

With Independent Suppliers Group, you will enjoy easy, empowering ecommerce technology, great prices on a consistent basis and individual attention from your local independent dealer; supporting Main Street, not Wall Street - something we can all feel good about.

*Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: Region 4 Education Service Center*

Contract Includes:

  • Deep discounts on thousands of competitively priced, name-brand products
  • General Office Supplies
  • Ink & Toner Products
  • Technology Products
  • Breakroom & Janitorial Products
  • School Supplies
  • Office Furniture
  • Green Products
  • Private Label Brands

And many more!

  • With quarterly promotions, take advantage of even deeper discounts on items that your business uses every day!
  • Rely on consistent, nationwide pricing with no pricing games
  • Rebate program starting at an annual volume of $25,000 is one of the office product industry's most obtainable and business friendly.
  • Customizable delivery programs from next day delivery to desktop delivery - we customize our delivery to your needs.
  • Supported by local businesses within the communities we serve
  • Customer service handled by your servicing local dealer - someone who knows your account and treats you as the marquis customer you are.

Buy Local

EPIC Business Essentials is made up of members who are locally-owned and operated small business owners who are the backbone of their communities. We all believe it's crucial to support local businesses in any way possible. By sharing information about local businesses and encouraging others to shop locally, we can all come together to help our community thrive.

When you choose to buy locally, you are making a financial commitment to your community by pumping money into your local economy through tax dollars, services, community involvement, and much more.


National Dealer Network:

As a cooperative of hundreds of independent local suppliers of office products and services, EPIC Business Essentials can deliver the personal attention and flexibility that many of the larger suppliers simply cannot touch.

Including over 60 fully stocked warehouses across the nation and over 1,000 local independent dealers - the EPIC Business Essentials distribution network delivers next day to more than 90% of the population of the U.S.

When you work with your local dealer, you are utilizing a comprehensive nationwide distribution and purchasing network, with the local independent company who knows your business and the community they serve - but has the muscle of a world-class operation you can trust to meet your every need.

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