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The GOJO®  Purpose of Saving Lives and Making Life Better Through Well-being Solutions drives every decision our Family Enterprise makes, from the products we create, to the ways we work. As the inventors of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer, GOJO®  has changed how the world stays well for more than 70 years. We use the best science available to develop well-being solutions for skin and the surfaces people touch – solutions that result in healthier people and a healthy environment at home and away-from-home. Our complete product portfolio includes heavy-duty hand cleaners, soaps and wipes, in addition to breakthrough dispensing and electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring systems.

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The brand that invented instant hand sanitizer now offers a comprehensive solution, with hand soap and surface disinfection products to help eliminate germs on hands and surfaces in your facility. GOJO's solutions are available to members of OMNIA Partners on a group purchasing program. Get in contact today to discover solutions for your business.

PURELL SOLUTION™ for the Workplace

The PURELL SOLUTION™ can help you create a welcoming environment and provide the peace of mind your guests, customers, and employees expect from your business. PURELL® products project a quality image that extends to your entire operation. 

Available to members of OMNIA Partners, PURELL® Professional HEALTHY SOAP products are available in a variety of gentle and effective formulations. Whether you choose antibacterial soaps, non-antibacterial soaps, or our breakthrough new PURELL® Professional HEALTHY SOAP products with CLEAN RELEASER Technology, you can always be assured of high performance.

Health & Safety Preparedness

If the last two-plus years have taught us anything, it would be the heightened importance of supply planning and preparedness. Whether a public health emergency, weather-related natural disaster, or other public emergent situation, it’s crucial to have robust contingency plans in place to support access to critical PPE and hygiene supplies when they’re needed the most. 

Click the button below to check out how PURELL SOLUTION™ can address health and safety risks in workspaces so you can keep operations moving forward smoothly and efficiently. 


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