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KOMPAN is much more than the No. 1 supplier of innovative playground equipment. Our mission is to make communities happier and healthier through both play and fitness. At the KOMPAN Play Institute, we meticulously research the benefits of our designs on actual users and use real user feedback. Our playgrounds uniformly target cognitive and physical skills so that play is also educational and enriching.  Through our surfacing and site amenities partnerships, we can provide you with products to compliment your playground that are as innovative and high quality as your new KOMPAN equipment.

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Members of OMNIA Partners have access to a complete selection of outdoor furniture & recreation environments from KOMPAN. KOMPAN will work with you to design and build commercial playground equipment that will captivate children and teens, outdoor fitness sites to motivates adults, and Stay Fit solutions to inspire active seniors. 

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KOMPAN's playground equipment has the power to WOW children to play and adults to exercise by creating unique and inspiring solutions. KOMPAN's visually stunning playground products spark wonder and curiosity in children and ignite the drive for adults to become active and fit for life. For adults, our outdoor fitness equipment bring the effectiveness of indoor gym equipment out into the fresh air. It is progressively challenging and purposefully resistant. This way, users of all fitness levels get a meaningful workout. 

Everyone is invited to play. Our playgrounds and fitness areas are purposely created for all abilities. Through universal design, our sites offer inclusive play and inclusive fitness for all. Additionally, you may want your commercial playground equipment to represent your distinct community, so our experienced playground designers are ready to customize a stunningly original concept based on your local story or vision. 

KOMPAN works with customers from different industries all over North America. From landscape architects to parks and rec officials, we manage projects from all types of commercial playground customers. As a preferred member of OMNIA Partners, you have access to a variety of solutions on a contracted program with KOMPAN so you can equip your commercial outdoor space with solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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