Elevator, Escalator and Walkway Maintenance and Modernization Services and Related Solutions

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KONE is a global supplier of vertical transportation products and modernization services. KONE specializes in elevators, escalators, moving walks and ramps. They design, manufacture, install, and provide modernization, maintenance and repair services. The job of KONE Service Technicians is to make sure that your elevators and escalators run smoothly and dependably.

KONE’s primary goal is to ensure maximum availability and protect the integrity of your asset all while ensuring the safest possible environment in and around your equipment. KONE Service Technicians have the integrity, expertise and dedication that have made them leaders in setting global maintenance standards.

Available on a nationally leveraged cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners, participating nonprofit organizations have access to vertical transportation products and services. With a nationwide team of dedicated vertical transportation professionals, KONE can assist with all your nonprofit's service, repair and modernization needs.

Benefits of Working with KONE

  • Industry Leader in Innovation, Technology & Design
  • Professional Sales & Operations Staff 
    • No Cost Surveys for Maintenance & Asset Management Planning
    • Design Specification & Support for New Equipment & Modernization
  • Expertise in both KONE & Non-KONE Equipment
    • National Technical Support for OEM & Non-OEM Equipment
    • KONE Spares OEM Parts Available 24/7
  • KONE Customer Care Center Available to Answer Service Requests 24/7/365
    • Providing Elevator Emergency Phone Monitoring\
    • Highly-Trained Multi-Lingual Call Center Agents
  • KONE Online™ Web-Based Reporting System
    • Real-Time Tracking of Equipment Status
    • Customized Reporting Delivered Automatically
    • Accounts Receivable & Online Invoice Review
  • KONE 24/7 Connected Services
  • Dynamic Dispatching Utilizing GPS Technology
    • Quickest to Site for Callouts or Emergencies
    • Efficient and Flexible Maintenance Route Planning
  • Safety Locator to Ensure Technician Safety & Support
  • Passenger Safety/Risk Mitigation Programs
  • Life Cycle Asset Management Program for Code & Performance Upgrades
    • Capital Planning Tool for Long-Term Asset Allocation
    • Annual Audits to Review Performance and Code Enhancements

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