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Private and agile workspaces are essential for the high-performance, modern office. Oasis Berco Acoustic Hubs, Team Pods, Phone Booths and other social structures give you dynamic areas that optimize the broader workplace floor plan. Let Oasis Berco create your ideal space for employees in motion. Whenever you need a place to be productive, there’s Oasis Collection. Where life happens, and people connect.

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Oasis offers flexible and modern workspaces and furniture solutions to government agencies and education institutions on a cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners. Get in contact with a representative to streamline your procurement process through cooperative purchasing. 


Oasis Berco is a joint venture formed in 2018 between Frem Group (UK) and Berco Designs (US). Frem Group UK is a manufacturer of contemporary and bespoke office furniture including Oasis Collection since 2004. Berco Designs is a manufacturer of high quality tables, booths, collaborative furniture and custom millwork for the US contract furniture market.

Oasis Berco products are produced 100% in the US in St. Louis MO, and sold through a network of Oasis Berco sales representatives.

Products and Solutions

Product Categories

Oasis Berco offers a large breadth of contract furniture solutions, private study areas to soft seating, team meeting rooms to telehealth phone booths and so much more.

  • Office Privacy Phone Booths
  • Individual Video Call Booths
  • Team Meeting Pods
  • Team Work Booth
  • Lactation Rooms
  • Social Coworking Booth
  • Hubs & Hub Clusters
  • Curved Soft Seating

Explore more product categories here.

  • Fully-Enclosed Soft Office Pods
  • Open-Front Office Privacy Booth
  • Soft Architecture Social Structures
  • Static Booth
  • Mobile Booth
  • Office Storage Solutions
  • Office Zoning Systems
  • Collaborative Worktops

Oasis Linear 

Oasis Linear is designed with straight and bold edges, and crafted with acoustically absorbent fabric interior panels. Hydraulically closing doors quietly seal behind you, allowing you to concentrate and converse.

Standard features include LED lighting, occupancy sensors, and air circulation fans. Oasis Linear includes the Phone Booth, and a collection of Pods and Booths. Learn more about Oasis Linear here.

Oasis Soft

Oasis Soft is an upholstered product line designed to give a softer, homier feel, providing smart, flexible, and adaptable spaces for your every need. The line has soft lines and curves and acoustically absorbent panels. It is ideal for individual and collaborative work as well as for informal or formal meetings. Learn more about Oasis Soft here.


Novus is a multi-functional zoning system inspired by the ever-changing modern workplace. Sleek, clean lines and robust steel construction, enhanced with wooden elements help you create a unique office zone within your space. Create a modern, stylish office shelving unit up to 5 shelves high, then add cabinets, planters, and acoustic panels to meet your specific storage needs. Learn more about Novus here.

Oasis Novus


At Oasis Berco, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by manufacturing our products using recyclable and sustainable materials when viable and acceptable to our customers.

Unlike many of its competitors, Oasis Berco products are made in the US, largely from US materials, reducing the carbon emissions associated with transportation throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. Read Oasis Berco's Furniture Sustainability Statement here.

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