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Innovative Technology Solutions

  • Our advanced technology platform gives our experienced clinical and account management teams the data they need to deliver both clinical and savings strategies that align with your customized plan needs. This AI data engine helped us deliver over 3,000 clinical interventions in 2021, and ensured the patient’s drug was clinically proven to provide the best clinical outcome at the lowest price for the patient and the client.
  • AI-based reporting and outcomes
  • Using real-time data to identify trends and value-based data
  • Transparent access to pharmacy spend and impactful cost drivers
  • Pharmacy Contract Evaluation

Unique Clinical Programs

  • Identifying the largest pain points for our clients and developing unique clinical programs to help employers and their employees save money. We have a solution even for your most complex cost and pharmacy issues.
  • Your dedicated clinical team identifying high-cost medications and utilizing program offerings to save on costs
  • Clinical interventions directly with employees and their families to ensure “right medication for the right person”

Best in Class PBM Contracts

  • Our contract rates and rebates are not available directly from the PBM. We negotiate new contracts with the three largest PBMs in the nation every year, and we pass on 100% of the savings and rebates to you! Since 2007, we have documented over $2B of Rx savings, and the average savings for clients that join the Rx Solutions Coalition is >25%. Ask for a complimentary PBM savings analysis for your company.
  • Negotiating competitive contracts with 2 of the largest PBMs in the industry: Express Scripts | CVS Caremark
  • Competitive rates and rebates

Account Management Oversight

  • Having a dedicated point person outside of the PBM to bring consulting to clients
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly touch points to review data and opportunities
  • White glove service: Stepping between you and your pharmacy benefit manager, we’ll stand up for what’s best for your employees and their dependents. Our dedicated teams bring real insight to claims and utilization data, enabling us to spot trends, deliver real-time alerts and strategically build medication therapy management strategies that actually work.

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