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    Kimball has been proactively adopting and developing sustainability practices for over 40 years. Over time, we’ve made continual progress as a responsible steward of resources and an agent of sustainable change in our industry.

    • We take a holistic approach to sustainability—our level of certification supports this.
    • We make certain that our products can maximize contributions to our customer’s own green building certifications (LEED).
    • We make it easy for our customers to choose products from our line that can contribute by having a large number of IAQ gold and level 3 certified products.
    • We make it easy for our customers to order FSC wood as well by making it a standard option on thousands of models.
    • We focus our sustainability statements around our certifications wherever possible so that it’s not just “green” rhetoric, but, rather, claims that are backed up by third-party audits against open and credible standards.

    We are committed to not only meeting current environmental and social standards but also setting new ones. Our employees, customers, and communities have shaped our culture, and we believe that together we can create a better world.

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    Indoor Air Quality

    Indoor Air Quality