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Haight Pumps
Manufacturer of Gear Pumps

Haight Pump is a leading manufacturer of high quality fluid transfer pumps for use in a variety of applications available to OMNIA Partners members. Since 1932, Haight has manufactured simple, rugged, dependable internal gear pumps. With the Haight gear within a gear design, both rotating parts are hydraulically balanced along the shaft axis, so there is no need to adjust end plates. Fewer parts mean reduced wear, less maintenance, longer life, compact size, and reduced noise. Haight offers unparalleled flexibility to engineer a custom pump from standard components, eliminating excessive cost and lead times.

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Available through OMNIA Partners, Haight Pump provides the items you need at competitive pricing. 

Gear Pump Solutions

Haight Pump is a division of Baker Manufacturing Company. As part of the Baker Manufacturing family, Haight has extensive metallurgical expertise, premier research and development capabilities, access to a high-tech foundry, and deep technical knowledge of pump applications. Baker facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2015, and Haight pumps are made in the USA and where applicable Haight pumps are certified to NSF/ANSI 4. As an OMNIA Partners member, you have access to their expertise to meet customer application demands.


​​​​​"Haight Pump provides us the design flexibility and features we need to meet our customers application demands. They consistently meet our demanding lead-time and delivery requirements."
Harvey R. Schade, President
COMO Filtration

"We have been able to develop a product partnership with Haight Pump that truly enhances our ability to compete in the market."
Ted Bethke, Purchasing Manager
Prince Castle

"Dollar for dollar, Haight Pump provides the industry with the most quality fluid handling equipment money can buy. Superior American made product."
Jeff Allen, Sales Manager
Depco Pump Company

"For over 30 years we have been using Haight Pumps in the manufacturing of our filtration systems. Haight's willingness to meet our needs and staff makes them a great company to work with."Management
Harvard Corporation

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