Turn Risk into a competitive advantage.

riskmethod avoid costs icon
Help Your Bottom Line
Take advantage of predictive insights that will help you avoid costs by addressing risk before it happens.
riskmethods create efficiency icon
Create Efficiency through Digitalization
Be faster, smarter and better by using rickmethods artificial intelligence to automate processes that are beyond human scale.
riskmethod improve relationships icon
Improve Supplier Relationship Management
Make sure you have all the right information at your fingertips to make risk-aware supplier decisions.
riskmethods enhance supply chain icon
Enhance Supply Chain Visibility
Easily manage your entire risk exposure with simple risk scores that show you exactly what's going on throughout the different tiers of your supply chain.
Maintain 2
Maintain Business Continuity
Respond faster to disruptions with real-time alerts for events that directly affect your own supply chain.
riskmethods ensure CSR icon
Ensure CSR and Compliance
Stay on top of CSR standards and compliance violations to make sure that your brand isn't damaged by a suppliers bad behavior.

riskmethods products

The products in The riskmethods Solution are easy to activate and easy to integrate whether you're a small company just getting started or a large enterprise with a complex landscape, The riskmethods Solution can be seamlessly worked into your business processes. Through the OMNIA Partners program, members also have access to a pilot program and additional discounts on products and services. 

risk radar
  • Check the health of your entire supply network via dashboards and an interactive world map
  • Thanks to Al-driven technology, be the first to know about risk impacting your supply chain
  • Receive predictive signals about potential risk spanning broad risk types
  • Assess and compare risk scores using both an out-of-the-box and fully customizable scorecard
impact analyzer
  • Easily assess the criticality of your supply base at the category level
  • React to threats quickly and effectively based on an actionable impact profile so you can take timely and appropriate measures when responding to threats 
  • View your supplier risk portfolio for simplified prevention analysis and category strategy planning
action planner
  • Rely on plans to help you take immediate, decisive and preventative actions
  • Automate workflows and assign user tasks so that everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it
  • Keep a record of risk mitigation activities to show compliance to regulations and standards
  • Initiate contact with your business partners (suppliers, customers, own sites) to jointly mitigate risk


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